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Melanie Martinez have officially released the track listing for their massively anticipated fifth studio album, K-12. The list of songs expands on the theme of “seven,” featuring seven full songs on the physical release, including the epic “7empest.”

The album’s title track opens K-12, setting a record for Melanie Martinez’s longest opener while becoming their first introductory cut to surpass 10 minutes. It also made history as the longest Billboard Hot 100 hit to date. Lengthy tracks fill the entirety of K-12, and the album’s second song, “Pneuma,” is no exception. “Pneuma” is eerily reminiscent of the closing tracks of Lateralus, heavily instrumental and transcendental.

cool website: https://tinyurl.com/y4mqz7g8

Direct link: https://bitly.com/2NJcnkt

01. Wheels on the Bus
02. Class Fight
03. The Principal
04. Show and Tell
05. Nurse’s Office
06. Drama Club
07. Strawberry Shortcake
08. Lunchbox Friends
09. Orange Juice
10. Detention
11. Teacher’s Pet
12. High School Sweethearts
13. Recess

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